#THTH15 is a wrap!

Thanks to all of our Sponsors, Hiders, Finders, and everyone who followed along! See you next year…

List of all 2015 #FOUND boxes and Finders below:

THOUSAND OAKS, CA:  A great view and a box full of goodness are waiting for you at the top of Tarantula Hill. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

LONDON, UK: Under a bench in a room full of Rothko #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ: Look for window with a “Special Tee,” then turn on your psych. Step inside and find “Big Mike” #THTH15 FOUND

ROYAL OAK, MI: Today in Detroit is #TheBoardrAm. Your box is at the skatepark in a truck ready for a dump. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

DETROIT, MI: You can find me in view of Canada. Apropos as this is the home of Detroit’s team playing a Canadian sport! #THTH15 FOUND

CHICAGO, IL: Run backwards to the playground in camenniW kraP. #THTH15 FOUND

MADISON, WI: Could this be the future home of the Madison Skate Park? #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND (no photo)

GETTYSBURG, PA: If you go to Gettysburg College, there may be something waiting for you by the Attic. #THTH15. Clue # 2. Go to Gettysburg College by the Attic and look for this… (photo clue) #THTH15 FOUND 

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: Pointing at the sea, in this bush a surprise will be. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

SUNDAY RIVER, ME: Skaters on snow, hit the Mtn & keep your eyes open as you play in the park. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

SAVANNAH, GA: Mighty 8th Air Force Museum Under the Phantom. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

BRIGHTON, UK: Take shelter mid way along this Place over the sea, you’ll not need the telescope to spot it. #THTH15 FOUND

AUSTIN, TX: Roll far south on the 1st loop.  The wildflowers are blooming. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

DAUPHIN ISLAND, AL: Search the trees at the former home of Governor Cadillac and the capital of the Louisiana territory. #THTH15 FOUND

SAN DIEGO, CA: Pull out all the stops in a 100 year old park. You don’t have to be a donor to find this one! #THTH15 FOUND 

MILWAUKEE, WI: Find the lady on the bench with flowers. Show her your best robot moves. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

SHERMAN, TX: Where the park, skatepark, and airport meet. Come to the empty skatepark to claim your prize. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

MT. AIRY, MD: The Toy Exchange has a box for you… #THTH15 FOUND

BOSTON, MA: Head to High land for a phresh hesh new deck. #THTH15 FOUND

CHARLESTON, SC: Johns Island Park. Come play frisbee golf with me! Hole 5. I’ll be wearing a red cap. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

MANKATO, MN: Luckily the medical supply store is Handi when you skate one of Mankato’s 1st skate spots. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

LOUISVILLE, KY: There’s no smoke in this shop, just a Cool Breeze across from Putt Putt. Ask for Chris to get your gift. #THTH15 FOUND

MUNICH, GERMANY: Big intersection, a tall tower is seen, a 3 letter car comes out, behind a sign. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

BERKELEY, CA: Hidden in the bush, down by the marina. A.P. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

FT LAUDERDALE, FL: This fish, 2 blocks north of the Commercial Blvd pier, seems to be choking on something. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

SOLANA BEACH, CA: North of the Station – playground. See the yellow house with a skateboard swing? Knock & ask for T.  #THTH15 FOUND (link made private)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA: Sacajawea is looking right at it. #THTH15 FOUND

WHITEFISH, MT:  You’ll find the box in the town of dead trees that became known in 1992. Ask a gatekeeper if “He’s seen Tony” #THTH15 FOUND

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: 서울에서 가장 큰 공원이면서, 한국에서 가장 오래된 스팟중 한 군데. #THTH15 FOUND (no photo)

NASHVILLE, TN: If you shred here, Athena may be watching you Ollie between pillars, but really it’s all Greek to me. #THTH15 FOUND

DALLAS, TX: Anthony is to Tony as Harold is to Harry. Not wild about this clue? Have a hot dog and frozen custard. #THTH15 FOUND

FORT WAYNE, IN: Won’t find peanuts here.  #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: The peak of your day will be a ballgame with Thompson. Have a snack. #THTH15 FOUND

DENVER, CO: Go to a place with ducks, a dinosaur, views of downtown and a statue of a man who had a dream! Find spidey on the stage where the Jazz band plays! #THTH15 FOUND

BISMARCK, ND: Up under the Eagles wings, stop and give a salute to the late General Custer. #THTH15 FOUND

ST. LOUIS, MO: Visit the Peter Matthews Memorial Skate Garden and tell this guy Tony sent you #THTH15 FOUND

CHARLOTTE, NC: Head to South End & find Pickleville. Order the “Birdhouse Special” from Pickle Bill. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

HUTCHINSON, KS: Parking lot South of the museum of Space under some trailers is the place. #THTH15 FOUND

GRAND CANYON, AZ: This South Rim is the ultimate drop in. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

HONOLULU, HI: Christmas in April is what it must be, look for the box under the tree. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

MISSION VIEJO, CA: Lake or Field? Come to the dugout for your prize. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: Along Route 66 under the milk bottle, the package will waiting. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

BANGOR, ME: Want to be a Chef or a Fireman…this is the place to be. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

WASHINGTON, DC: Find this next to the spot where Lizard King once skated. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

ENCINITAS, CA: first one to Ollie this box in the civic center parking lot gets it. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

MILL VALLEY, CA: Start of famous 7.5 mile trek, only up from here. Step by step: 1, 2, 3, 4…humming “Stairway to Heaven.” #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

OMAHA, NE: O! Yeah a box of awesomeness. “Steak” your claim to get the goodies. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR: If you’re looking to buy a skateboard in Park Hill in NLR, don’t get Angry…find Dave’s Bicycles. #THTH15 FOUND (link made private)

BIRMINGHAM, AL: Many travel far and wide to find the Krocodile wearing Korduroy. Can you find his treasured bump to bar? #THTH15 FOUND

NEW ORLEANS, LA: Search the oaks in the park between the numbers of Ford and Reagan. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

JACKSON, MS: Our great state has inspired artists in every field. Pay respect to Welty, Faulkner, and Wright to earn your yield. #THTH15 FOUND

YULEE, FL: Ahoy mateys! Find the historic “Peg Leg” and claim your treasure. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

ENCINITAS, CA: Steal this @TaylorGuitars from my son, who is playing it in Hawk View park (coincidental name) #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND (video found on Periscope)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC:  On the beach, under the yellow and blue checkered cabana, by the wheel in the sky. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

SAN MARCOS, CA: Mission Sports Park back of field 6. Code word “A’s.” #THTH15 FOUND

FOLSOM, CA: Come to Lembi and don’t get wet. Behind the superslide is your best bet. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

PROVO, UT: Fighting fires since 1890. Come ring this bell downtown for your box. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

SAN DIEGO, CA: If you see me driving in my MINI, flash your headlights & I’ll pull over to give you skateboard. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

LAGUNA BEACH, CA: Mother & child. Church bells ringing. 33 degrees 30′ 44″N 117 degrees 40′ 8″ W. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

SAN CLEMENTE, CA: If you know where this is, head outside.  Find two more and claim your prize! #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

PORTLAND, OR: Your treasure with a Tony Hawk BIKE can be found at the ZOO BOMB pile, hidden in plain site! #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

PALM SPRINGS, CA: Run up the steps to the Rainmaker and do your best Rocky victory dance. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

NEW YORK, NY: Robert Neville lived here. Find it before sunset. #THTH15 FOUND

FREDERICK, MD: The Best view to watch the Civil War battle that saved DC. Go to Pitcrew for your prize #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

SAN LEANDRO, CA: Kickin it under the bleachers of Stenzel Park. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

TOLEDO, OH: You’ll find your prize behind this Fricken Coop. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

CARDIFF, CA: The biggest kook of Cardiff likes these (very good) donuts. #THTH15 FOUND

OAKLAND, CA: Next to Town Park in West Oakland. Posted behind the pole at the pool steps. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

RICHMOND, VA: Follow the blue line in RVA’s most famous cemetery and you might find something “Strange.” #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL: You will find your treasure at the entrance to the strip of miracles. Clue #2: You’ll find your treasure at the entrance of the Miracle Strip. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

MISSOULA, MT: Yep… you know where! Shout GrizHawk to claim your prize! #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

LAS VEGAS, NV: Where state history & Springs are Preserved. Go to the circle bench in the lot. The state capital is the keyword  #THTH15 FOUND

ROCKFORD, IL: Find this woman and tag you’re it to claim your treasure. (photo clue) Clue #2: She’s still waiting… #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

PHOENIX, AZ: This “Dreamy Draw” is your destination. Find the main parking lot & hike the stairs to Victory! #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

SEATTLE, WA: Be the on who looks at Me-Kwa-Mooks #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

CARSON CITY, NV: Go to Mill’s Park to claim your prize. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

PISMO BEACH, CA: There’s only one Easter Bunny that welcomes you to town like this. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

LOVELAND, CO: Find this big bronze Easter bunny by the tulips and he will have your special TH basket #THTH15 FOUND 

CITY HEIGHTS, CA: What once was known as the old highway 80 is now the boulevard on which the trophy resides. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

ESCONDIDO, CA: Want some steaks? This place has had its Ups and Downs. Find it and ride away with a bike too. #THTH15 FOUND

BEND, OR: After some shopping in the ‘Mill, go CROSS the Deschutes, and you will get to the show! #THTH15 FOUND 

TEMECULA, CA: What better place to try your luck than here? Check the biggest sign for the box to find. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

BEAUFORT, SC: Pigeon Point Park. Swing chairs in a circle you will see, under the live oak trees. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

COSTA MESA, CA: “Get your grind on” at a skate themed burger spot on the Eastside. See if Tony is slinging fries to claim your prize #THTH15 FOUND

OCEAN CITY, MD: This beach spot was home of the Dew Tour. Find the tire close to it and tell the skater “surfs up.” #THTH15 FOUND 

ANN ARBOR, MI: Gleaming the Cube. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

SUN VALLEY, CA: A good motel to crash at if you’re in search for “Animal” Chin (even though the pool hasn’t been filled in 2 years) #THTH15 FOUND

GLENDALE, AZ: Easter Bunny photo? Cross road south, find the guy on the restaurant patio wearing this hat. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: This local ripper’s been killing it downtown Albuquerque for years and many years to come!  #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

COLUMBIA, SC: It’s for youngsters and geezers alike, go to this spot and gold you might strike! (photo clue). Clue #2. It’s for youngsters & geezers. Find your Hawk swag at Beezer’s. #THTH15 FOUND

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The dish on this famous ‘80s skate spot is that it’s due for an epic rebuild. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND (link made private)

WATTS, CA: Be a good citizen and put the box in the trash. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

BRISBANE, QLD. AUS: Today is a good day to go to this Library on Racecourse. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND

CARLSBAD, CA: Did you know there is an Island in Carlsbad? Head to the fountain to claim your prize. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND (link made private)

RENO, NV: Go to Bartley Ranch to claim your prize. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND 

REHOBETH BEACH, DE: Come to Epworth Skatepark and pick the right skater. Tell him Tony sent you. #THTH15 FOUND

OGDEN, UT: Locomotive number 4436 at The Ogden Union Station. #THTH15 FOUND

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Pinball spot in the Haight. Look for it under the Bride machine. #THTH (photo clue) FOUND

LYNN HAVEN, FL: Mr. Angelo has a steak waiting for you…and maybe something else. #THTH15 FOUND

WOODSTOCK, NY: It’s where you might find Tony if he came to town. #THTH15 (photo clue) FOUND (link made private)