Participant Rules

#THTH15 – April 4th, 2015

The 2015 Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt is taking place all over the globe on April 4, 2015 from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (worldwide).

Be sure to follow Tony on Twitter @tonyhawk for clues to find packages full of
all kinds of amazing fun gifts from our sponsors below.

Here is some basic information regarding #THTH15

This guide will help save me (us) time and energy in trying to interpret the flood of clues and replies we’ll be reading on April 4th. Yes, I have some help. These aren’t necessarily “rules,” just a few guidelines for making the day a success.

UPDATES: A list of cities and their status will be updated throughout the Twitter Hunt. You can check this site for updates in real time beginning 7am PST April 4th.

IF YOU FIND A #THTH14 PACKAGE: Please reply @tonyhawk with the city, state (or country if outside USA), as well as the hashtag found taped on the box, and a photograph of the package in your possession.

An example of a “found” box would be:

@tonyhawk Louisville, KY #________. So excited! (photo attached)

A photograph is the best way of distinguishing between a fake “found” box and a real one. We receive many fake claims and it makes things difficult to keep track of. If the hider happens to be there when you find the package, please have them take a photo of you with it. They’ll gladly help you declare that the package has been claimed.
If your Twitter profile is private, PLEASE make it public for the day.


 May I suggest dividing it up? Can’t we all just get along?


The package you are looking for may have been found, but not claimed properly. This can happen if someone doesn’t know how to post from their phone, or doesn’t direct their message to @tonyhawk. In other words, people who don’t know how to properly use social networks have unwittingly sabotaged us with these mistakes in the past. I have a small crew diligently looking for found messages & hashtags so we can get the information out fast and avoid people traveling great distances and/or searching for hours fruitlessly.

BE SAFE: Don’t speed, trespass, or play Frogger in traffic. Also, don’t run with scissors.

IF YOU HATE YOUR TIMELINE BEING FLOODED WITH #THTH14 MESSAGES/PICS: Stop following me for the day. Please don’t send me messages that I am “spamming” or “raping” your timeline. Silence is one click away.

IF YOUR CITY DOESN’T GET INCLUDED: I’m sorry. We had limited help and only so much stuff to give away, but I hope it was fun to follow along. Maybe next time.

 Happy Hunting…