#THTH14 has officially come to a close! Big thanks to all of the sponsors who helped make #THTH14 a huge success. Click on the FOUND links below to see photos from this year’s Finders!




PORTSMOUTH, UK: England expects, head to Nelson’s flagship and tell them you’re there to walk Tony’s plank. #THTH14FOUND

NEW ORLEANS, LA:  A circle of krewes guard the prize, search for the water that shoots to the sky. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

SIOUX FALLS, SD: How strong are you? Is a car too heavy for you? #THTH14FOUND

WASHINGTON, DC: This monument just finished repairs from the 2011 earthquake. Find the guy in a red shirt & tell them Tony sent you #THTH14FOUND 

OAK PARK, CA: Great school, great find! Check by the flagpole. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: There is a skatepark in Rondebosch, a cricket club behind, look up. #THTH14 – FOUND

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: Search the base of this blue, tall, pointy landmark. There you will find the goods! #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

FREDERICK, MD: After 10 frames go skate here. Look for the grumpy old man. Bring the gold egg to Pitcrew. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND 

OCEAN BEACH, CA: Where the dogs come to play. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND 

TRENTON, NJ: Hopewell Skatepark. Bring your board, use your eyes, look around for a cool surprise. #THTH14FOUND

LONG EATON, UK: West Park, look IN the Christmas tree just south of the skatepark. #THTH14FOUND

ALTON, IL: Shake hands with the world’s tallest man and check behind the sign. #THTH14FOUND

PORTLAND, ME: the best PWM has 2 offer 4 a daily fix. Arts 2 India 2 the Hill there is passion 4 community & the new spot is killer! #THTH14FOUND

ALEXANDRIA, VA: Come to the home of the nation’s 1st President, find the tourist in the red shirt, and tell him who lived here. #THTH14FOUND

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA: This former florist on the downtown mall got an interesting delivery. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

WICHITA, KS: This is the place, look for the guy that just finished a race, just don’t ask him what place. #THTH14 – Photo Clue  – FOUND

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL: There’s buried treasure on the beach just north of the Sun! #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

BOSTON, MA: Need a new pair of skate shoes? Do a THOROUGH search in Brookline; ask for “The Hawk Box Special.” #THTH14FOUND

WILMINGTON, NC: Come take on the dynamic duo in a quick game of baseball. Bring your ponchos. Yellow field. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

DALLAS, TX: If Hagar, Kershaw, Sosa and Davis Jr. wanted BBQ, you could probably find them here. #THTH14 – FOUND

COSTA MESA, CA: It’s Elementary to find this prize in the Woodlands. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

SAN JOSE, CA:  Celebration for Fausto. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA: At the entrance to Off The Wall ask the guy in the @woodwardwest hat “where’s the beach bro?” #THTH14FOUND

BANGOR, ME: Downtown with the chalk. Come say “hi” and get your prize. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

SAVANNAH, GA: Behind the Gnats, where the dogs play, you may find Tony’s prize today. #THTH14 - FOUND

ENCINITAS, CA: Madonna loves to surf. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

MANKATO, MN: This center(mall) rhymes with the skate ranch Tony skated in the ’80s. #THTH14 - FOUND

ADRIAN, MI: Me and my “Boo” will be putting our WOOD to the LAWN. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND 

TAMPA, FL: By this 9-stair Downtown. First ollie down gets an extra bonus from @theboardr. We are watching! #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

KALISPELL, MT: You’ll find the box in a brick building filled with history. Skateboards, pizza, clocks & ties #THTH14 - FOUND

CHICAGO, IL: Head to the Loop and “check out” how Tony became an Unlikely CEO. But shhh! Keep your voices down. #THTH14FOUND

PHOENIX, AZ: Find little D-backs at a field named for a pitcher with a famous bloody sock & have a snack. #THTH14FOUND

LAYTON, UT: Head up Adams Canyon Trail, this is the view from where the box is hidden. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: Right behind HD. What wonderful view to see. Come get the box by the top of the rocks. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

ALAMEDA, CA: See the most incredible ‘sea view’ by 94502 jogging path park! 23 marks the spot! Ahoy mateys! #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

ST LOUIS, MO: Hop on a train engine at Union Station and tell these kids the “Hawk has landed.” #THTH14  – Photo Clue – FOUND 

MERIDEN, CT: Opportunity Knocks! Ceppa Field – you’ll find the box. Look for the person in a bright pink cap #THTH14FOUND

DAUPHIN ISLAND, AL: Where the 3rd President might go to the beach, dig a little & the prize you will reach. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

PORTLAND, OR: Near Oregon Park, at the @MapleXO shop, dig out the key from our dust, to open the lock! #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

HONOLULU, HI: Hawks fly and like to peck. If you know of Kapiolani Park fountain you’ll hit the deck! #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

WAUWATOSA, WI: Show some love…find us in the Hart! Isn’t the creek lovely? #THTH14FOUND

MADISON, WI: Warner park awaits opening day. Come enjoy the sun. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

GLENDALE, AZ: Tell the nearby stick people “Tony Hawk sent me.” #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND

COLLEGE PARK, MD: Come to this church to claim your Easter basket. Find the Easter bunny in the red shirt. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

CHARLOTTE, NC: Find Mark Cuban, Paul Reuben, & a Dirty Hippie in South End. Get steamed! #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

AUSTIN, TX: Record store day TODAY = best soul 45 store. See Zephyr team shirt , say “” to claim prize – Photo Clue – FOUND

DELANO, CA: High-5 @mikeescamilla and @bmxdmc at the Cecil skateboard park for a new @TonyHawk Bmx bike! #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

SAN MARCOS, CA: Highest peak in town. To get this meaty package, do your best Peyton Manning “Omaha! Omaha!” #omahasteaks #THTH14FOUND

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: Take a walk over this bridge, keep an eye out 4 the snake in the grass at the end of path #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

MILWAUKEE, WI: Is it too early to “chill on the hill?” Find the chill couple on the bench & show em your best chicken dance. #THTH14FOUND

SAN MARCOS, CA: There’s only one Red Barn at Walnut Grove. Giddy up to get your box of goods. #THTH14 - FOUND

SEATTLE, WA: To find the soggy box, look to the West. Finding it on “A” Beach is sure to be a test. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND 

LOUISVILLE, KY: The Witches hat is where this one’s at. #THTH14 - FOUND

SEATTLE, WA: “Who’s that tripping over my bridge?” #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

CARLSBAD, CA: Look behind the bathrooms at Alga Norte skatepark #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

ESCONDIDO, CA: Now THAT’S a big muffler! #THTH14FOUND

CLINTON, CT: Go to the Skatepark at Peters Complex. Find the person with the pink baseball cap, and the box is yours! #THTH14FOUND

LITTLE ROCK, AR: Come crash our Easter family picnic for a huge Easter Egg find. Maumelle Park, Pavilion 6. #THTH14 - FOUND 

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: It’s a nice cloudy day to skate the epic spot. Check every nook & cranny to find the goods. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND 

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA: In the park by the Bay. Under the spot with the same name as the man who cracked Capone’s vault.” #THTH14FOUND

SAN DIEGO, CA: Home to a world famous zoo, don’t bother going in, just head that way and listen for the choo choo! #THTH14FOUND 

SAN CLEMENTE, CA: The Big Bad Wolf couldn’t blow this place down. Come out back and your treasure will be found. #THTH14 - FOUND

CARLSBAD, CA: Find a BMX bike and a box where an Englishman might phone home. #THTH14FOUND

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA: You know where we skate, see you at the ramp by the beach! SW affiliates ineligible. #THTH14 - FOUND

JACKSON, MS: A street and a historic home have the same name as me but the restaurant patio is where the goodies will be. #THTH14FOUND 

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL: At this park there is a pier, surfboards are in front of here. Look for this shirt. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

KNOXVILLE, TN: Clue 1 – I stand 9 feet tall. I am made out of copper and tin. Many Vols fans have my back. Clue 2- When you reach the Summit you will have a slam dunk #THTH14 - FOUND

FOLSOM, CA: Lions, Tigers and Bears…oh bike? Bike lock is 3522. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND 

DENVER, CO: Adopt a pet where this giant dog is guarding your treat! #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND 

CINCINNATI, OH: Some look up to skaters. But looking down today will yield you great gifts. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND 

OAKLAND, CA: The package is in this twisted tree, between a fairy land and a holy place. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

SANTA ANA, CA. By the the skatepark you can find this sign. Your box waits here for a limited time. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

NEW YORK, NY: Find this and other oddities to make your discovery. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

RICHMOND, VA: From the Confederacy’s rise and fall came the biggest monument of them all. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

REDMOND, OR: Cotton Candy, Kettle Corn, Ferris Wheel…Now I just need a ticket to RIDE! #THTH14 – FOUND

MISSOULA, MT: Over 6 tons of trash were pulled from the Clark Fork River today but one box left at Caras Park is full of treasure! #THTH14FOUND

FORT COLLINS, CO: Behind the “frozen treats” spot & near the tracks, the ’97 flood isn’t forgotten. The heroes are by your treasure. #THTH14 - FOUND

LAGUNA BEACH, CA: Go on in, they’re open. Tell Torrey “Neil Blender’s Face on Yellow is mine.” #THTH14 – Photo Clue  – FOUND

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The package is stashed in this relic at a legendary old-school SF skate spot. #THTH14 - Photo Clue - FOUND

TYBEE ISLAND, GA: At High Tide, check the sailboat. #THTH14 - FOUND 

RENO, NV: Be Idle or be Wild here. #THTH14 – Photo Clue – FOUND 

BRISBANE, QLD, AUS: Around here you can educate & skate. This place is at 4014 & was built for both. #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA: Don’t let the barking make the searching 2 hard. Life’s a beach, but be on your guard #THTH14 – Photo Clue - FOUND 

INDIO, CA: Just hid a custom @TaylorGuitars in the bushes by this sign near Coachella-ish #THTH14 – Photo Clue #1 – Photo Clue #2 – FOUND